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learn all about this iconic destination in Chattanooga TN- See Rock City #ad

My family received complimentary admission, however, all opinions are our ownrock city 2017 5I am really excited to share one of my family’s favorite adventures today.  Rock City!  Have you ever seen the iconic red and black barns that advertise See Rock City?  They have been around since 1935.  By 1969 there had been over 900 hundred barns painted across 19 states. The owner of the barn usually received free passes to Rock City and bunches of promotional wares, such as a Rock City Thermometer, along with the free painting of the barn.  If you didn’t need a thermometer, the owner was paid $3.  I think today there are only about 80 of these wonderful structures left. Most of them our here in Tennessee where they have been named historical landmarks.

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So what is Rock City?  It is full of natural rock formations that create magical paths and adventures.  The original owners started by marking a path with a string around and through giant rock formations that eventually end at Lover’s Leap where you can look out view 7 states!  They add bridges in some place to get your across big crevices.

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There are also enchanting rock walls along the paths and charming benches where you can sit and enjoying the surroundings.  We have only been in the winter months, but I would love to visit in spring and summer to see the flowers and greenery.

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One of the great destinations along the path is Lover’s Leap.  It has a great Indian legend about the cliff itself, and they say on a clear day you can see 7 states from this point.  It was really cold and windy the day of our visit, but the sky was clear and beautiful and we could see a LONG way!

rock city 2017 6It is a great opportunity to teach your kids about geography (and a little bit of stretching!) . 

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There is a wonderful man made waterfall that cascades off the cliff that is beautiful to see.  For St. Patrick’s day they color it deep Irish green that is really pretty.  On the day of our visit it was a great green slushy mixture because of the cold and the kids loved it.

rock city 2017 8I have had a lot of fun sharing one of family’s favorite spots with you today.  I highly encourage you to take a drive and visit Rock City.

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