3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich

a soft cheese spread, two different flavors of sliced cheese & tomato make this a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich

arla 9I love a good grilled cheese sandwich, especially in the summer with a good juicy tomato and a sprinkling of black pepper.  There is nothing like crunching into the hot toasted bread and then discovering the gooey deliciousness of the wonderful cheese.  I developed this recipe for a 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich to highlight the wonderful cheese flavors.

arla 2I have found a great new sliced cheese that is made without artificial flavors or preservatives, the ARLA brand.  I like to try and live my life using more unprocessed foods.  I believe they taste much better with out all the artificial stuff thrown in.

arla 11


When asked what zantham gum was (a common filler in most cream cheeses).  My family came up with this conceptual drawing.  It looks more like a super hero bug that a common ingredient in our food.arla 4This 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich made with Arla cheese is a testament to that.  To make this amazing sandwich I started with some sliced deli wheat bread and spread a slice with Arla Mediterranean garden cream cheese.

arla 6Then I topped it with a slice of Arla Gouda cheese and a slice of Arla Havarti cheese placed it on a hot buttered skillet and let the cheese melt before I added tomato slices and black pepper.  Sometimes to help the cheese melt a place a lid on top of the skillet to keep the heat in.

arla 7Place another slice of bread spread with cream cheese on top of the tomatoes and flip the sandwich.  Cook about 2 minutes on a medium low setting.  One thing I must remember is to not hurry a grilled cheese sandwich, or it will burn.

arla 10I used patience today and it came out perfectly.  The cheese slices were wonderfully melted and the mediterranean garden cream cheese added an exceptional flavor.  Let’s just say I really enjoyed lunch today.

arla 9I have a chance for you to win a prize pack full of Arla Cheeses!

Just go to this link HERE, watch the behind-the-scenes video and leave a comment telling me your favorite part of the process.


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    David says

    After watching just the commercial, I assumed it was all thrown together with computer animation, but after seeing the behind the scenes footage, it is a lot closer to claymation. They put a lot of effort into it. I also like the premise of the ad. The unpronounceable ingredients list is something we can all relate to.

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    I like that this cheese isn’t made with artificial flavors or preservatives. Like the drawing of the superhero bug. :) I’m going to have to make a sandwich like this. My family and I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. I might add a little spinach leaf to mine. Thank you for sharing!

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    Love the addition of cram cheese on this! My boys would live on grilled cheese, I bet they would like how creamy it is too.

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    Yummm grilled cheese sandwich + tomato soup is my go-to combo. And make it a 3-cheese sandwich like this one? All the better! Looks gooey melty amazing.

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