Sideline Tips For Parents

Fun & Easy ways to be a sideline hero for your kids! #2 is my favorite  #ad #SaveSnackScore

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These days, with my 4 kids, I am spending a lot of time on the sidelines cheering them on in their different activities and sports.  I love to be there to support my kids in their endeavors, celebrate their victories and boost them in their losses.  Over time I have learned some sideline tips for parents that have helped me be a successful sideline parent.

#1 Bring Snacks!

sideline tips CollageWhile shopping at Walmart I saw some great displays for perfect sideline and after game snacks. POWERADE┬« 8-pack 20oz are on roll-back and there are two NABISCO in-store coupons.  One is a neck hanger on POWERADE (8pk 20oz) for $1.50 off NABISCO 20-pack Multipack plus there is a coupon sticker on boxes of NABISCO snack packs for .75 off a 12-pack or larger NABISCO Multipacks.  Great snacks for sideline parenting and an easy way to save money!

sideline tips 5I always think of snacks for the team after the game, but I love the thought of coming prepared with snacks for me and enough to share with other parents as we watch the game.  It’s a great way to get to know the other team parents as we cheer our kids on.

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#2 Make Signs

I made these fun pendant signs out of poster board and a small dowel stick.  I simply cut out long triangle shapes and with markers wrote encouraging exclamations.  Then I taped the dowel to the back with packing tape.  I love how easy they are to make.  Simple, easy and took less than 5 minutes!  Quick projects make my life so much more simple, but still make the kids feel special.  Who wouldn’t want a custom sign made just for them.

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#3 Create Unique Cheers

Create a unique cheer, whistle or yell just for your child.  This way they can pick you out of the crowd.  I have a loud whistle that I use a lot and also when they look at me from the field or court I give them a thumbs up sign.

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#4 Celebrate Success 

Everyone has both successes and failures in sports, it’s why the games are played.  Celebrate the successes and victories and encourage them through the failures and defeats.  Don’t berate them.  Most everyone knows when they could have done better.  Kids need to know they are loved and supported no matter what.

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#5 Comfy Seating

Nothing makes watching a game more miserable than if your seat is uncomfortable.  Be sure and plan ahead so you can enjoy your seat.  If I know there will be bleachers I can use I will bring a blanket or a stadium seat.  But usually I like to bring a comfortable folding chair and find a nice shade tree to enjoy the game.  I always like to stay hydrated though because it makes me feel better. POWERADE┬« is one of my favorite ways to do that.

No matter what sport you are cheering on this season I hope these tips will give you some inspiration to make your next game even better.  And remember always love your kiddos, no matter what!

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