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stampede 2017 9This summer our family had the wonderful opportunity to have a family reunion.  My brother and his family were able to come and visit Tennessee and we were excited to show them some adventures.  The first thing that came to mind of what we should do was go to the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge.  For us the Dixie Stampede is the ultimate way to celebrate our family and have a great time together.

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If you are new to what the Dixie Stampede is, here is an overview of what your experience will be without giving too much away.  I always like to know information about an attraction, but I don’t what everything to be given away.  I want to go and experience it with fresh eyes.

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You will start your evening in the Dixie Belle Saloon.  Here you can relax before the show and listen to some amazing live music.  The pre-show begins 50 minutes before the dinner show and is included with your admission.  There are snacks and drinks available for purchase also.  We had 7 kids in our family from ages 3 to teenage years and they all enjoyed this part of our experience.

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 After the Pre-show, you are invited into the 35,000 square foot arena, where every seat has a great view of the show.  This is where you eat your amazing meal while enjoying top notch entertainment. Our family is especial fans of the creamy vegetable soup and biscuit.  They are to die for.   You also receive a whole rotisserie chicken, hickory-smoked barbecued pork loin, corn on the cob, a herb-basted potato and a flaky apple pie, PLUS unlimited beverages.  Vegetarian meals are available upon request.  You will use your hands to eat everything, no utensils, which is really fun and something our kids really enjoyed.  Your server will make sure you have  plenty of napkins and wet wipes, plus a glorious hot, moist paper towel at the end.  If you can’t eat all of this amazing food at one sitting, they offer a take home bag.

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 The show itself is entertaining and will pull you right in.  All of us were captivated from beginning to end.  I loved looking over to see the wonder in the faces of the little ones.  There is something new always going on in the arena while you eat and the entire show captivated our whole group from the youngest to the oldest.  The show runs about an hour and a half and you are fed different courses of the meal throughout.  They are many different live animals showcased from doves to buffalo.  It is truly magnificent.  After the show is over,  the Riders and horses come to  the rail of the arena to greet guests and sign autographs.

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Some tips to help you have the best experience:

Make your reservations early- (this show is popular!)

Remember you will eat with your hands!

Don’t forget cash to tip your server

Kids under 3 eat free if they sit on a lap and share a meal (there will be enough food for them)

Be prepared for live animals, pyrotechnics and lots of fun 

Give yourself enough time to enjoy the whole experience, which will be about 3 hours.  You must park, get your tickets, enjoy the pre-show and then expect it to take a few minutes to leave the arena once you are finished.  Our show began at 8:30.  The pre-show began at 7:40 and we were in our car about 10:30.  

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The Dixie Stampede is a great dinner show to take the family to, and a wonderful way to highlight a family reunion.  It is for sure a family friendly show and there is something to keep the attention of everyone, no matter the age.  The food is so good that no one will go home hungry and it will be a memory that everyone can talk about for years to come.   

I know we will all remember our family adventure at the Dixie Stampede!

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