5 Ways to Enjoy Summer at Dollywood

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Our family loves Dollywood anytime of the year because each season is unique.  Each season has it’s own fun to experience.  We have discovered some of our favorite ways to enjoy Dollywood during the summer and I would like to share them with you so your family can have just as much fun as we do.

dollywood 2016 26#1 Hit the Rollercoasters early!  

If you want to spend the least amount of time waiting in line for the big thrill rides check on what time the park opens and plan accordingly.  The earlier in the day you arrive the shorter the lines are.  One thing to remember, the opening time is the time the gates officially open at the entrance, BUT the parking lot is open prior to that.  It can take at least 10-15 minutes to get from your car to the park entrance on the tram, so get there in plenty of time to get from here to there and be ready to enter the park as soon as it opens.  Then head straight to the rollercoasters you want to ride.  You will be pleased at how quickly you can get through the lines early in the day.

dollywood 2016 23#2 Prepare for the Water Rides

Dollywood has several water rides that are open during the summer and boy are they are fun!  Be assured you will get wet which feels really good on a hot summer day.  However, you may not want to walk around in wet clothing and drenched shoes.  I have found that dressing for the day in quick dry clothing (the kind you work out in) and shoes or sandals that are water friendly (sandals are a great option) really make the water rides that much more enjoyable.  You still get the refreshing feeling of getting wet, but you don’t feel soaked all day long.  You will dry out more quickly.

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#3 Plan time for a good meal

Dollywood has some great food options.  One of our family’s favorite is Red’s Drive-in located in Jukebox Junction.  They have burgers, fries and shakes that are delicious.  Plus the burger’s are “choose your topping’s”.  There is a toppings bar filled with everything you could want to put on your burger and you get to top it yourself.  Plus the atmosphere is great at Red’s, just like an old 50’s diner.  One thing to remember, traditional lunch and dinner times will be the busiest at any restaurant at Dollywood.  So, to avoid long lines plan to eat before or after 12-1pm for lunch and 5-6pm for dinner.

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#4 Free Ice water

Staying hydrated during your visit is one of the best ways to have a pleasant trip.  It is hard to enjoy yourself if your kids are complaining of thirst or you get a headache because you are dehydrated.  Dollywood makes it easy for you to get the water you need by offering free ice water wherever they serve fountain drinks.  You simply walk up and ask for ice water and they happily give you a nice cup full.  Let me tell you on a hot day after walking around Dollywood ice water is amazing!

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#5 Cool off with a Good Show

Dollywood is know for the great entertainment and summer does not disappoint.  Throughout the year the shows change, so there is always something fresh and new for you to enjoy.  We have enjoyed every show that we have been to and it is a great way to take a little break from the heat.  Remember that shows are popular and the theaters do fill up.  Be sure and check the show times for each production and get to the theater early enough to get a seat.


I hope these tips will help make your summer at Dollywood the best it can be!

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