Magnolia Plantation- Charleston, SC

Experience family fun, history and beautiful gardens at Magnolia Plantation, SC #ad

My family was given admission to Magnolia plantation, however, all opinions are my ownmagnolia 8Everyone year our family tries to plan at least one family vacation where we can get away and enjoy each other and do some exploring.  This year we planned a beach trip to Charleston, SC.  This has been one of our favorite spots to visit.  Charleston has great history, an amazing city to explore, plus plenty of beach fun.

magnoliaBefore our trip I like to do a lot of research to see what kind of great places there are to visit.  I have always loved history, old homes and beautiful gardens, so when I discovered Magnolia Plantation and gardens just north of Charleston I knew we had to check it out.

magnolia 2Magnolia plantation was founded in 1676 by the Drayton family and has been owned by that family ever since.  Isn’t that an amazing history?  One thing I loved about the plantation was that it was so family friendly.  There was a pavilion and picnics tables where we could enjoy the picnic lunch we packed.  There is plenty of space for lots of visitors and parking also.

magnolia 16There is so much to experience at Magnolia plantation.  We were there for over 5 hours and still didn’t get to see everything.  It was amazing! 

magnolia 17We missed the petting Zoo, but it looked amazing.  There are beautiful peacocks that roam around the plantation also.  Just look at those feathers!

magnolia 3A beautiful conservatory.

magnolia 5There are several tours that you can experience at an additional cost to the entrance admission.  The first one we took was the nature tram that takes you around the acreage.  It goes by the river, through the woods and along old rice fields that have become nature habits.

magnolia 6At our visit we saw 11 alligators in their natural surroundings.  It was awesome.  I have always wanted to see an alligator swimming through pond scum and I got to on the tram ride!

magnolia 18We also took the “From Slavery to Freedom” tour.  The tour guide did a wonderful job explaining slavery and showed us the cabins.  He was very upfront with everything and it made the tour comfortable and enlightening.  Just look at that amazing Live Oak tree!  Over 300 hundred years old and simply breathtaking!

magnolia 8

We also took the house tour.  It was lovely to be inside the air-conditioned old plantation home on a sweltering 4th of July.  The home is beautiful and once again the tour guide was amazing.  I have been on many tours throughout my life and I have to say that the tour guides at Magnolia Plantation were outstanding!  They really knew their stuff, they presented it in an interesting way, they were friendly and I really did learn a lot of knew things.  

magnolia 9After the plantation tour we went on the old rice field boat tour.  This field is next to the Ashley River and is full of wildlife (and gators).  It was a fun little trip.  (Carter was worn out when we got on the boat, but perked up when we spotted more gators).

magnolia 10

One thing to remember is that you will be assigned a tour time when you buy your tickets.  Each tour is about 45 minutes long.  We went from one tour to another without much time in-between.  If you do visit Magnolia Plantation, make sure you give yourself enough time to do everything you would like.  You can easily spend an entire day or more there, because you also get to explore the gardens!

magnolia 12Oh my the gardens!  They are romantic, fantastic and seemingly endless.  Always a hidden gem just around the corner.  There was so much beauty I wanted to snap a picture of everything.

magnolia 15Look at this sweet bench growing between two trees.  We all wondered how old it was.

magnolia 13This white bridge was so beautiful and romantic.  I would love to be able to stroll over it every evening with my sweetheart.

magnolia 14Or with my 4 wonderful children.  I would love to go back to Magnolia Plantation and do some more exploring.  There is so much to see and do and learn about.

magnolia 19Like the Audubon Swamp garden.  I would be heavenly to just leisurely stroll around all of it.  I am so thankful that we were able to have the opportunity to visit and be immersed in this beauty, if only for a day.

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