Pickle Roll-Ups

Easy after school snacks the kids can make: Pickle Roll-ups and fruit kabobs #ad

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Do you remember being in school and how long the days felt until you were able go home.  The days seemed endless.  Some school days were tiring and some could be discouraging.  That is what my kids are experiencing right now.  They like school and are working hard in their studies, but that doesn’t mean that the days don’t feel endless sometimes.  A lot of times they come home dragging and looking like they have no energy.  I like to give them a little pick me up as soon as they get home to help encourage them for the rest of the day and make them feel loved.

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One of the ways I like to do this is to have a fun snack waiting for them.  I especially like to surprise them with something unexpected like a mini Coca-Cola™ to drink and snack.  Sometimes I have the snacks all prepared or I will have ingredients that are ready and waiting so that we can make a good snack together while catching up on the day.  Pickle Roll-Ups are a fun and easy snack for the kids to help you make and they go great with easy fruit kabobs.

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For the Pickle Roll-Ups you will need:

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Whipped Cream Cheese

Deli Ham

Dill Pickle Spears

Simply spread the tortillas with about 2 TBL of cream cheese.  Add 3-4 slices of deli ham and lay 1-2 pickle spears down the middle.  Then tightly roll up the tortilla.  They can be sliced right away or they slice a little better when they are refrigerated for about an hour.  Slice them with a serrated knife into about 1-inch pieces.  These make a great party food also.

mini coke 21Mini fruit kabobs are also easy for the kids to make and really customizable.  Ones that we like are made with pineapple chunks (I used canned), a green grape and a maraschino cherry.  These are all very simple ingredients that I usually have on hand.  I bought some small bamboo skewers to make mine with.  The kids can add as much fruit as they want (it is a good way for younger kids to learn about patterns).  Loading a fruit skewer is an easy way to unwind from the school day and get the conversation flowing.

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My kids had smiles on their faces as they saw the delicious snacks to munch on and the surprise of having an ice cold mini Coca-Cola waiting for them when they got home.  What is your favorite after school snack?


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    Jen says

    My boys come home starving and immediately start asking for food. This looks like a fun way to switch up our after school snack!

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    My crazy kids wont touch pickles, but they are one of my favorite things ever! I never would’ve thought to make them in a rollup rather than a sandwich! What a fun idea… :)

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