Tips to enjoy Dollywood’s Splash Country

5 tips that are must know before your visits Dollywood's Splash Country, Pigeon Forge

My family received tickets to splash country, however, all opinions are our own.

splash country 13Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, Tn is a great place to make fun memories with your family.  My family and I recently visited as a celebration for the end of summer before my oldest headed off to college once again.  It was a great way to remember how much fun we have together as a family.  There was something everyone could enjoy.  The water park is amazing so I have come up with a few tips to enjoy Splash Country so hopefully your visit can be the best it can be.

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#1 Ways to Avoid the Big Crowds

Now of course some days will naturally be busier than others such as weekends or the peak of summer in July, but here are a couple of tips to beat the crowds.  Make sure you are at the gate of Splash Country right at park opening time (check the website).  The parking lot opens before Splash Country so you will be able to park and get everything together and get to the gate just as it opens or before.  Then find a lounge chair for your towel and go hit the rides that usually have long lines before the whole crowd comes.  Also, after about 4:30 the crowds thin out a bit as families get tired and want some dinner.  Additionally Splash Country season pass holders and guests of Dollywood lodgings can gain early entry to the park on certain days.  Please check the website.

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#2 Bring Water Shoes

You will do a lot of walking at Splash Country and to keep your feet from getting torn up by the concrete wear some sort of water shoe or sandal.  On some rides you can keep them on, on others they have bins where you can store them while you enjoy the ride.

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#3 Pick Out a Great Lounge Area

There are several lounge chairs available for your enjoyment plus several trees to provide shade.  Get there early to get a prime spot.  Our family enjoys be able to relax from the thrill rides in the shade.  We were strategic in planning our spot.  It was by a tree, but not shady in the morning.  I noticed the direction the sun would be moving and picked the spot that would afford shade in the afternoon when we would be tired a needing a break from the sun.  It was glorious to come to our chair for a little snooze under the shade.

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#4 Save Money on Drinks

Splash Country has a great drink deal to take advantage of.  They have special mugs you can buy which will either give you free refills for the day ($15.99) or refills for the season ($25).  It is a great deal because once you purchase the mug you just walk up to the Fill & Chill stand and fill up your mug as many times as you would like.  No standing in line to purchase a refill.  You can also pick up a free cup of ice water as well.

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#5 Use Sunscreen!

A bad sunburn feels horrible and is simply not good for you.  You will be in the sun and water a lot at Splash Country so be sure and protect yourself and reapply often.  I have found that if we apply sunscreen at home right before we leave, then again in the parking lot before entering the water park, we will be good for a couple of hours.  Then reapply every hour or two to dry skin and wait a few minutes before going back in the water.  I have used this method often with great success.  You still feel like you have been in the sun, but without the burn.

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We loved our visit to Splash Country.  Have you visited?  If so what was your favorite ride?  (Mine was River Rush)


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