Oakes Farm

Oakes Farm was kind enough to give my family admission.  However, all opinions are our own.oakes farm 2017 5It’s pumpkin patch and corn maze time in East Tennessee!!  The weather has sure felt like it is the middle of summer though.  The kids have been on their fall break for the last week an we always take a day to go and visit our favorite pumpkin patch and corn maze Oakes Farm in Corryton, TN.  We have gone for several years and always play the day away with all the fun things there are to experience.

oakes farm 2017 2It has become tradition that we go on the hayride to the pumpkin patch first thing.  My son always wants to be sure he gets a pick of the good pumpkins.  I like doing it because by the time we are done playing with everything we are tired and just ready to go home.  We pick a pumpkin, take it to the van and then we are off to the next adventure.

oakes farm 2017 3

oakes farm 2017 4

A perennial favorite is the jump pillow.  Even I like doing it!  It is so fun and addicting I wish I had one in my back yard.  It never fails to make us laugh. (Just look at that hair!)

oakes farm 2017 6

The petting zoo is another great place to visit.  We got to pet a rabbit that was so soft.  Carter enjoyed feeding the sheep, but was a little timid about the Llama.

oakes farm 2017

Every year we measure the kids by the ear of corn.  I seriously can’t believe how tall he is getting.  3 inches of growth last year!

oakes farm 8

The kids loved playing in the corn box.  It was a hot day so I enjoyed that the corn box is in the shade with benches for the adults to enjoy!  Of course a must is getting buried in the corn!oakes farm 2017 7

At the top of the hill there is a new feature called the “Trail of Blooms”.  Glorious sunflowers and zinnia’s!  It is is simply breathtaking.  I think I could sit up here and just watch the kids play down below.  You can even purchase a bucket to pick your own bouquet of these beautiful flowers.

oakes farm 2017 9I love this view of many of the activities on the farm.  Oakes Farm is wonderful because for one admission price you get to do all of the activities, over 25 of them (taking home a pumpkin will cost you $5.50 extra).  But everything else is included!  The kids can just run from one activity to the next to their hearts content.

I hope if your are in East Tennessee you will get a chance to visit Oakes Farm.

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