Christmas Card Ideas

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I think I have been a fan of Christmas cards my whole life.  When I was young I loved rushing to the mailbox to see how many cards had been delivered that day.  We had the tradition of hanging the cards received around the door frame in the dining room.  This is a tradition that I continue in my own family.  I know my whole family loves looking at the pictures of family and friends to see how they have changed over the year and to see what they have been up to.  In the days before social media it was the one time of year to reconnect and let people know how you are doing.  Even though I see many of my friends and family on social media there is nothing like receiving a paper card in the mail.  Designed specifically for that year and addressed to me.  I have also observed that when we have guests in our home for the holidays they always gravitate towards our Christmas card display.  They like looking at all the different types of cards, designs and pictures.  I hope it is a tradition that never goes away.   

I always anticipate the designing of our yearly Christmas card.  I like to look through our family pictures to see what pictures to send out far and wide.  I also like picking out a nicely designed card that will stand out and be noticed.  One that will also make the recipient feel loved and special. has some amazing holiday cards to choose from.  Below are some Christmas card ideas with some of my favorite designs.  Now- Which one will I choose this year?

Ornament cards!  What a fun way to share joy with your family and this card can be enjoyed year after year as an ornament.  I think grandparents would especially like this one.

I personally really like cards that have space for more than one picture.  This option lets me show different experiences we have had throughout the year.

Plus on the back I have room to write a personal message.  I have started a book with all of our Christmas cards that we have sent every year.  It is really fun to go back and look through the memories.

Another amazing feature that MINTED offers is free recipient addressing!  This can be a huge time saver.  Simply enter the addresses you want to send to into your account and then you choose the ones you want to print on envelopes.  When your cards and envelopes arrive all you need to do is add postage!

One more fun option that I like is the booklet card.  There are a few pages to this one that lets you share more pictures.  How incredible is that?  

I’m not sure exactly which card style I will choose this year, but I know it will be amazing.  I have ordered from MINTED before and they do and excellent job and their paper is top quality.

If you would like to order cards this year from MINTED please use the code BEMERRY for 15% off your order.

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