Tips To Get Your Family to Drink Milk

5 easy ways to get your family to drink milk everyday #ad #KnowYourMilk

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We have been a milk loving family for many years.  In fact, I buy 6 gallons of milk every week for my family of 6.  I usually buy 3 gallons at a time so I am not always running to the store.  I have gotten an awful lot of comments from people as I leave the store about how much milk I have.  I always reply, “Well, my kids love it!”.  Milk is a simple, wholesome food with just 3 ingredients: milk, vitamin A and vitamin D.  Plus it is minimally processed and farm fresh.  I also know that it is nutritionally rich, so I have put together some tips to get your family to drink milk.


#1 Keep your milk in fun glass containers  

Sometimes I put my milk in two big carafes to keep in the fridge.  They look really fun, plus they keep the milk super cold and as my husband said “It makes the milk look more fun to drink” . Putting your milk in different containers will catch the eye of your family and draw them to it.

milk 5

#2 Have fun milk glasses for your kids

I bought these milk jars at a craft store.  They came with a clear straw, but I added some fun colorful straws to mine to make them stand out more.  I can’t tell you how many comments I got from my kids about these bottles.  My son kept asking me if he could use the bottle to drink more milk.  When he had a friend over they got out the milk to eat with their Friday night pizza.  A simple fun container can make a big difference in how appealing a drink of milk looks.

milk 6

#3 Have a glass of milk ready and waiting 

I have been keeping a glass of milk ready and waiting for an after school snack for the kids.  It is so easy for them to grab as they come in.  I keep it in the refrigerator all ready to grab and enjoy.  This also helps the milk to stay cold as the glass has been in the fridge chilling.  Another fun way to enjoy a cold glass of milk is to put empty glasses in the refrigerator, chilling, and then pour milk into the chilled glass when you are ready to enjoy.  Either way, it makes for a great way to enjoy a glass of milk.

milk 3

#4 Have only water and milk

Another way to encourage kids to choose healthy beverages is to only keep water and milk on hand.  We have done this for years (with occasional beverage treats) and it has been one of the best ways to encourage my family to drink their milk.  Did you know, according to My Plate, adults and kids consume about 400 calories per day as beverages.  It is important to remember that beverages can be a good source of nutrition in our diets and choose wisely. 

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#5 Serve milk with a meal

Remember watching those old TV shows where glasses of milk were served with the evening meal?  It’s not a bad idea.  For one or two meals a week, make milk the beverage served with your meal.  It is a great way to teach the family about how milk is a nutritious beverage.  Milk has 9 essential nutrients including B vitamins which help to convert food to energy.  Protein for lean muscle, vitamin A for your immune system, potassium and calcium, Vitamin D and phosphorus which help in bone-building.

I have enjoyed sharing my tips to get your family to drink milk.  For more recipes and ideas please visit:

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    Amy Desrosiers says

    Lately, my kids are apt to drink more mill if it is flavored, or if I make a baked good to accompany it. #client

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