Quick & Easy Ideas For Family Dinner

Make family dinner time a priority with these simple & easy meal ideas

Make family dinner time a priority with these simple & easy meal ideas

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Enjoying an evening meal together is a tradition that I have placed priority on in the over 22 years that I have had kids. Even before our children arrived my husband and I loved to come together at the end of the day and enjoy good food and have some time to reconnect. When our lives get busy and we have dinner as a family less often, I can tell a difference in our life. I feel less connected to everyone and I miss that time together. When it has been a few days since we shared dinner together and we are finally able to seat everyone around the table again, the conversation is great and I feel connected, grounded and at peace. I can also tell a difference in my kids and I can see that they love dinner time too.

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Just because having dinner together is important doesn’t mean that it needs to take a lot of time to prepare or to clean up. There are days when we are so busy we are just glad to get something in our stomachs. However, I have found some quick and easy ideas for family dinners to help you reconnect and enjoy mealtime together.

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During December there are so many great events to take part in that family dinner time can easily get pushed aside. I discovered that Kroger has a great deal going on to help you have a fun family meal that is easy to fix and easy on the pocketbook. Right now you can purchase a Kroger Deli Fresh ready-to-heat pizza for $5.99 and a Coca-Cola™ 1.25 L or 1L DASANI® beverage and you can save $1 with your Kroger loyalty card (making the drink nearly free)! (valid through 12/3/17 – 1/3/18) This is a great way to have a meal that is ready to pop into the oven and in minutes you can enjoy it around the table. All of us enjoy different Coca-Cola™ beverages so I picked a variety that we all could enjoy: Coca-Cola™, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar™, and Sprite®.

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Something that I have found to be a huge time saver for busy family dinner nights is to always have a stash of paper goods on hand. These can be plain paper plates and cups, or you can pick some up that reflect the season. Christmas plates, Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Having festive paper goods elevates a meal instantly and easily. Pick them up after the holiday is over and stash them away for next year for even more savings.

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For this Coca-Cola and Kroger Deli pizza night, I placed brown paper on the table along with some Christmas paper plates and napkins and plastic forks and cups. Everything was so simple and easy to clean up, yet looked like I had taken some time to prepare. (It took maybe 3 minutes to set up everything). In fact, after I had set it up my son walked in from piano lessons and saw everything and exclaimed “It’s Pizza! Only fancy!”. It’s amazing what brown paper and paper plates can do.

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Another way my husband and I like to connect with the kids is to ask them what they are learning at school. This night, since I had the brown paper on the table, I put out some colored pencils so everyone could draw something that they were learning and studying.

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My kids are in their teens, but they LOVED this. The math problems were flying that night. It was a great way to connect and to also reinforce what they were learning and helped them study for tests. My husband had a great time as well and suggested we do this regularly. I think we will.

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After our meal the clean up was easy. A few things in the garbage, the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar™ bottles in the recycle and the paper was clean enough that we rolled it up to use the other side for next time. Less than 3 minutes to clean up and we had a wonderful meal together where we were able to connect.

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Remember, to enjoy a meal at the table together doesn’t mean hours in the kitchen. The Kroger Deli Pizza and Coca-Cola $1 off deal at Kroger help you to save money while still enjoying dinner with your family. What are some of the ways you save money and get your family to enjoy a meal together?


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    Sabrina says

    It’s so important to have family time to strengthen that family bond! This looks like a great way to do that!

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    This is a great simple and easy dinner idea! There is a few nights a week in my house that we have to have a simple dinner because of my kids sport activities on some evenings. I like to keep a frozen pizza on hand for those situations.

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    This looks like a great family pizza night. And good tip to have a stash of paper plates on hand. I always buy them up after a holiday because the out of date holiday ones are crazy cheap then.

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    We are so overdue for a pizza night, and I’m definitely using some of your ideas. I love that they are quick, easy, and many encourage family bonding!

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