Easy Olympic Party Ideas with Free Printables

free olympic word scramble printable, keep track of the medal count printable.  Plus easy olympic party ideas!

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I have always been a fan of the Olympics.  It is something my family and I look forward to every two years.  In fact in 1996 I won a trip to the Olympics off the radio and my husband and I flew to Atlanta and had once in a lifetime Olympic experience!

olympics 2018 9With the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang quickly approaching I thought I would put together some quick and easy Olympic party ideas with free printables for you to enjoy.  I love to make Olympic watching more fun with treats and some decor, but I also want to do something that takes a small amount of time to put together.  These ideas are easy and not over the top and something that you can do on a week night.  Remember simple things can make an event fun.

olympics 2018 2The first idea is to make easy olympic torch snacks.  You can throw these together in 5 minutes or under with ice cream cones and crunchy cheese curls.  I used both regular and hot cheese curls to make the “flames” look just a little more realistic. You simple arrange the cheese curls in the cone to look like a flame and viola! What a fun way to eat some snacks!

olympics 2018 5

Another idea is to have some gold medals to award for different accomplishments.  These gold medals are chocolate (which makes them even better) and you can find them at Oriental Trading.  Here is a fun Olympic word scramble that you can print and see who can finish it the fastest to win a chocolate gold medal.  Fun Fact:  The United States has held the most Winter Olympic games than any other country.  It has been held here 4 times.

Winter Olympic Word Scramble

Click HERE to print


olympics 2018 4

Oriental Trading also has some wonderful paper products to make serving Olympic treats fun and easy.  Did you know that the first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France in 1924

olympics 2018 9

One fun thing our family likes to do it keep track of the USA medal count.  I have created a free printable so that you can also keep track of the medals the USA wins this year.  By the way, Norway holds the record for the most Winter Olympic medals with 303.


Click HERE to print

olympics 2018 3

I was able to put together some quick decorations with these hanging fans in the Olympic ring colors.  They were so easy to put up and really make a statement.  Another fun fact:  In the 2018 Winter Olympic 102 gold medals will be awarded, the most ever!

I hope I have been able to give you some easy olympic party ideas and I hope you can enjoy the free printables!  Go team USA!


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