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Home decor doesn't have to be expensive.  Save money and quickly spruce a space with an updated thrifted lamp & other thrifting tips

crystal lamp 11I love to decorate my home and gussy it up a bit, but I really don’t have a big budget to do so.  In having a small decor budget, but big dreams I have had to find ways to find decor on the cheap.  One of those is thrifting.  My favorite thrift store in our town is the Habitat REstore.  I find clothes, small home decor pieces, furniture, paint almost anything you could ask for.

crystal lamp 2

The trick to successful thrifting is that you must go often.  I go AT LEAST once a week if not more.  Sometimes it is a quick stroll to see if there is anything new and other times it is a more in depth search.  But you must go often.  The good things go quickly and you need to know and be familiar with  your store and what is a good buy.  I often look for lamps because they can be so expensive to find new.  I have been on the hunt for a while when I spied this crystal beauty!  It wasn’t in a thrift store, but on the side of the road!  

crystal lamp 3

In our town we have a big junk pick up day once a month, so there are often many treasures to be found on the side of the road.  But I have learned that if you see it you have to grab it, because it will be gone!  I grabbed this crystal beauty and was amazed that all it took was some cleaning up, a new lamp shade and a new finial.  Sometimes updating something doesn’t have to mean a whole redo.  It can mean a simple clean up and in this case adding a new shade.

crystal lamp

I don’t know if you can see, but the person who had this before must have kept it by some paint projects because there is paint spattered all over.  It was dusty and dirty too.  The paint came off easily with warm water and so did the dust.  The wiring was in great shape, so I didn’t have to rewire.  The metal base has rust spots, but I simply brushed it off and I have left it for now.

crystal lamp 13There may be a time when I want to spray paint it, but for now I really think I like the imperfection.  One thing I have come to love about decorating on a thrifting budget is that I can add old elements that have character to my home.  I feel like it gives more depth to the decor and makes a home feel more welcoming.  I was able to find a new lamp shade and finial at Target.  Together they cost me $20.  I wanted to spend less of course, but the way this crystal lamp shines makes the $20 well worth the money.

crystal lamp 8

I can’t keep my home looking perfect so I love my imperfect elements.  The pieces that you see here have all been collected over time.  The wing chair was given to me by a friend who was moving, the pillow cover I made from a valance that cost $1 and I added the hearts from fabric scraps.  The chest was given to us by my husband’s grandmother.  I found the mirror and the lamp and the side of the road (at different times) and the Christus is a piece I have had forever.  

crystal lamp 7

Sometimes I wish I had a bigger decor budget, but I do love when I can pull thrifted and rescued pieces together to create a wonderful space for not much money.  What is your best thrifting treasure?

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