Allstate’s Maintenance Reminder

Our family own’s 3 properties (our house, rental house and a vacation cabin) and we have 3 cars that we use to get ourselves to all the places we need to be.  The best way to keep our properties and vehicles looking nice and running well is to perform routine maintenance on them.  With everything… Read More »


Vintage Desk Refinish

  I can’t believe that my oldest started college this fall.  Thankfully she is going to a local college so she is still living at home.  However, with the college workload beginning she wanted to have a desk of her own.  I spotted this beauty at the Habitat Restore for $15.  Solid wood, dovetailed drawers… Read More »


5 minute mini-makeover

This bathroom drives me crazy. It has a turquoise blue counter,walls that need to be paintedand a white, linoleum floor with blue flowers that are just a shade off from the counter, so it clashes. No money or time to put in a new counter top, new floors and new paint. So I did what… Read More »