• Jiffy Skillet Cornbread
  • Heart Shaped Cheese Puffs
  • DIY Paper Scroll Art
  • Easy Olympic Party Ideas with Free Printables
  • Valentine Blossoms

Valentines Vingette

Today I am excited to show you some Valentines Ideas. I am excited for two reasons. I LOVE to decorate, and I am also excited because these pictures I took last year and was not able to share them with you. It sure came in handy because we have had a week of sickness in… Read More »

Post Signature

As a new blogger I am always looking for tips on how to put nice little touches on my blog. I found a really easy tutorial for how to add a signature to all of your posts. DESIGNITCHIC take you step by step through this process so now you too can have a cute signature!


Ground Hog’s Day Fun

It is amazing how fast groundhogs day is approaching. Last year my darling son and I put together a quick and fun craft for him to do. You will need: 16-20oz paper cup a bamboo skewer brown craft paint brown construction paper glue green construction paper markers any other decorations you can think of We… Read More »


Economical School Lunches

I have four wonderful children that all attend school during the day. We cannot afford to buy school lunches for them everyday, so after dinner each night we are busy in the kitchen packing lunches for the next day. One of the challenges that I have is keeping those lunches leaning toward the healthy side…. Read More »