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Homemade Nest

I was needing a nest to complete one of my Easter vignettes. I have been trying not to much money on decorations this year, hoping that our house will be selling soon. We are blessed to live on three wooded acres in the South so I have plenty of natural products available. Here is how… Read More »


Barn Wood display box

Both my husband and I had grandfathers with great barns. We used to play around in them when we were young and my chilren have loved exploring them also. There is a magic and mystery about an old barn. We love to see what treasures we can find. We have spent more time at my… Read More »


Easy Lava Cakes My daughter needed a quick, but elegant dessert for a youth activity. We came up with this an easy lava cake. You will need the brownie recipe below and a bag of hersey’s kiss or reese’s miniature peanut butter cups. Also some melted chocolate chips and whipped cream for garnishing. What a… Read More »