GroundHog’s Day Treat

I love to do a little something to celebrate Groundhog’s day.  I put this treat together using things I have around the house.  Use what you have to put together a fun, simple treat this Groundhog’s day. Print Groundhog’s day treat Ingredients Chocolate pudding mixed & put in a cute glass Chewy granola bar whole… Read More »

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt_ Botswana

Travels With Gannon & Wyatt Book series review and giveaway

  We love to read at our house.  There is nothing I like better than to curl up with a good book at the end of a long hard day.  It is wonderful to immerse yourself in a story that takes you away.  One of my goals has been to instill a love a reading… Read More »

peanut butter pumpkin cookies recipe

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we have been baking a lot around our house.  We love  peanut butter cookies, so we decided to put a fall twist on them and turned them these great peanut butter pumpkin shaped cookies.   Print Peanut butter cookies traditional peanut butter cookies shaped like pumpkins Prep Time 10… Read More »