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Groundhog's day treat


  • Chocolate pudding mixed & put in a cute glass
  • Chewy granola bar
  • whole almonds ears
  • slivered almonds teeth
  • Sprinkles eye whites, these were flat white disk-like sprinkles I had
  • Chocolate Chips melted in a ziplock bag
  • Butterscotch chips melted in a ziplock bag
  • green flower sprinkles
  • Coolwhip snow


  1. Cut off two of the corners of the granola bar at an angle to form the head.
  2. Gently press the whole almonds, pointy side down, into the ear spaces.
  3. Then remove them and put some melted butterscotch chips in the space for “glue”
  4. attach the ears. (I simply cut off a small corner of the ziplock bag so I could pipe the melted chips where I need them.)
  5. Using the butterscotch chips attach the teeth and the whites of the eyes.
  6. Make the cheeks with the melted butterscotch chips going over the very tops of the teeth.
  7. With the melted chocolate chips make small dots for the eyes, added a nose, eyebrows, hair.
  8. Place the granola bar in the pudding and add cool whip for the snow and sprinkles for flowers